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Category: Police

On the symbolism and meaning of the Tyendinaga Police badge

The focus of this story is to examine the Tyendinaga police logo which Ron Maracle and his officers carry on their uniforms. The logo is rich in symbolism, and by attaching it to their uniforms, it would appear to promise a certain type of police behaviour in relationship to the confederacy of Onkwehonwe nations united together by the Kayenere:kowa, or Great Peace.

Audio and transcript of Tyendinaga Police Chief Ron Maracle trying to shut down Tyendinaga dispensaries

On the morning of July 17th 2017, Tyendinaga Police Chief Ron Maracle came to Big Green’s dispensary on Highway 49 in Tyendinaga to make his first stop in attempting to shut down the Indigenous cannabis industry in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Tyendinaga police considering “pro-active policing” against Indigenous cannabis on reserve

Police, Chief say Mohawk pot illegal By Jason Miller, The Intelligencer Tuesday, July 11, 2017  The Mohawk police chief is set to initiate ‘proactive policing’ to…

This Indigenous Community Might Be the Best Place to Sell Weed In Canada

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is the Indigenous cannabis capital of Turtle Island. In this fiercely independent Mohawk community of 8,000 people on the Bay of Quinte, east of Belleville, Ontario, there are now over a dozen cannabis dispensaries, some selling purely recreational, some fully medical. Facilities range from trailers at the side of the road, to newly built multimillion dollar state of the art buildings.